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Our Culture

The environment at Kenjya-Trusant is one in which:

  • Quality is valued over quantity;
  • Creativity is valued over conformity;
  • Cooperation is believed to lead to better results than competition; and
  • Effectiveness is judged at the team level rather than the individual level

We value:

  • Individual Excellence
    Our strength is our people. The unsurpassed quality of our members enables client success and fuels the growth of the company. Our people are the “go-to” people that clients can depend upon and trust to get the job done well.
  • Teamwork
    The Kenjya-Trusant Group is a professional partnership dedicated to working together to enable client success. All of Kenjya-Trusant stands behind each team member. Members are strategically positioned and use their unique perspectives to share information and collaborate with a “force multiplier” effect for our clients.
  • Innovation
    The Kenjya-Trusant Group works with clients to improve processes and achieve goals using innovative approaches. Our people are flexible and will adapt to meet the special requirements of each individual client. No process is ever exactly the same and Kenjya-Trusant provides the agility needed to succeed in today’s dynamic environment.

Kenjya-Trusant members are expected to:

  • Balance expectations for taking initiative and thinking independently with those for consensus and power sharing.
  • Participate without taking over and voice unique perspectives and concerns while working toward agreement.
  • Use our mission, vision, and values as a guiding compass when faced with decisions for which there is no other guidance.

Kenjya-Trusant is an Equal-Opportunity Employer.