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Administration and Technical Support

Kenjya-Trusant provides professional services and administrative support to the U.S. Department of State (DoS) and other organizations around the country including technical, administrative, management, and professional services. We are currently managing and staffing personnel at DoS under 95+ active task orders, with varying security clearance levels, totaling over $78M in total value. We help to meet the Department’s performance objectives and business requirements through staffing augmentation services which include, but are not limited to:

  • IT Support: Kenjya-Trusant assists in resolving technical computer issues, to include submitting IT Service Center requests on behalf of staff as required and tracking the status of the trouble ticket until resolved; serving as the SharePoint administrator; and managing document libraries.  Kenjya-Trusant also provides computer forensic experts, Social Media Managers, and Digital Advertising Specialists to support our customer.
  • Financial Management Support: Kenjya-Trusant provides financial management support to include reviewing and processing payroll and monthly financial reports using ADP payroll databases and supporting the DoS Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services.
  • Human Resources Support: This contract is primarily staffing support in which we provide fully-qualified, cleared personnel rapidly in response to task order requests.
  • Program Management Support: Kenjya-Trusant regularly provides data analysis, record keeping, research and other administrative duties such as assisting in the daily administration of initiatives organized by the customer;  monitoring, maintaining and organizing reports on partnership activities by working with the Program Manager and customer Office Directors; assisting the Program Manager in drafting and submitting foreign assistance; planning and reporting documents into the FACTSInfo module; and assisting the PM in monitoring grantee performance and drafting quarterly performance progress reports.
  • Administrative Support: Kenjya-Trusant provides extensive administrative, clerical, and secretarial support to DoS to include filing cables; generalized logistics support; sending, receiving and tracking faxes and mail received daily; ordering office supplies; making direct pay reservations for DoS employees; preparing correspondence, periodic reports and cables from rough drafts, notes or oral Instructions; conference and project support; and preparing agenda and minutes for staff meetings.
  • Editorial Services: Kenjya-Trusant provides Video Producers and Editors in support of various Communications Teams and in support of developing Communications Plans for our customers. They help to develop the strategy and messaging, and create the storyboards, scripts, and outlines – while coordinating with the stakeholders and other members of the production teams. These experts are highly proficient in Adobe Premiere and other Adobe products – as well as other tools used in the generation of this media.


Through this contract, Kenjya-Trusant helps achieve the following objectives:

  1. Maintain program continuity, uninterrupted high-quality work, and availability of competent professional, technical, management and administrative program support service employees in support of the Department’s goals and objectives;
  2. Obtain existing and future qualified professional, technical, management, and administrative program service employees to meet the mission objectives of the DoS’ Bureaus and Offices;
  3. Provide a compensation package that attracts and retains competent professional, technical, management and administrative program support service employees;
  4. Meet the travel requirements established for the individual professional, technical, management and administrative program support services employees; and
  5. Provide customers with a positive experience by maintaining a professional and efficient workforce.

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