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Kenjya-Trusant’s Cybersecurity efforts have included:

  • All-source cyber visualization products used extensively on the 24 X 7 Cyber Operations Watch Floor that were used exclusively for cyber situational awareness and follow-on cyber-related reports to communities of interest
  • Automated monitoring and alerting functionality to alert key cyber leadership members when cyber thresholds are exceeded; trends were accomplished by establishing a predictive baseline of anticipated intrusion behavior so that deviations from the norm can be detected
  • Re-engineering of existing threat operations systems to automate their malware identification and reporting processes
  • Development of a cyber Indicator Traceability system that effectively employed proper security controls to enable data sharing and reporting to the Defense Industrial Base partners. Indicator traceability was accomplished by creating rule sets to match events on event ID, source, category, type, user or description
  • Development of a cyber federated data access system responsible for the alignment of discovered unique cyber events captured from the first instance of malware detection, to initial analysis and intrusion association, mitigation actions taken and subsequent reporting
  • Design of a cyber Indicator Management Sharing repository containing complex rule sets and security protocols to ensure the appropriate safeguarding of data and the identification of shareable data.

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