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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Kenjya-Trusant is a leading force in the Intelligence Community’s fundamental shift in information management, communication, and information assurance (IA). Across several major IC organizations our personnel are serving in key Information Assurance- and cyber-related positions that are actively engaged in protecting and defending National Security Systems and Critical Infrastructure throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and Federal and public sectors. Kenjya-Trusant’s highly skilled security professionals bring onboard a unique critical infrastructure protection perspective that has been tried and tested within the DoD and Intelligence Communities and will serve well in ongoing efforts in protecting those infrastructures and assets that are deemed most critical in terms of national-level public health and safety, governance, economic and national security and public confidence as well as assuring the protection of other infrastructures and assets that may be targeted by terrorist efforts.

Kenjya-Trusant was involved in a DOD and DHS Defense collaboration cyber pilot program as part of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan that focused on sharing cyber threat information with commercial internet service providers and the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies. This wealth of corporate experience, talented personnel, and dedication to the security of the U.S. stands ready to support our customers in the critical mission to identify and mitigate the Lone Wolf Terrorist threat. We currently do so through the DHS First Observer program by producing surface transportation anti-terrorism domain awareness security training videos, curricula, guidance posters and manuals.

Our Work in Action

The Kenjya Trusant Group recently served as Program Manager for the TSA’s First Observer Plus™ Program

The First Observer Plus™ Program provides transportation professionals with the knowledge needed to recognize suspicious activity possibly related to terrorism, guidance in assessing what they see, and a method for reporting those observations.
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